Ma’s Cookin’ Music


It was 1984 when Ma’s Cookin’ released their first album of original music, titled “Stop - Slow Down - Slip Away”. As time passed the founding members of the band moved to different parts of the country. However the spark for creating the Ma’s Cookin’ music never went out.

In 2008 Fuzzy, Fred, and Mike were able to take advantage of the new digital age to create their music together, no matter how many miles separated them.

This web site provides you with a gateway into our latest musical creations. Three song clips are currently listed, with many more soon to come.

The Ma’s Cookin’ CD can be purchased for $15 by mail at:

Cooker Productions

909 Homestead Court

Fargo, North Dakota    58078

or by phone: 701-282-4271

or by e-mail:

Fred Braun



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The new
Ma’s Cookin’ CD was released on Feb. 2011

The History of Ma’s Cookin’